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Conversa has been serving the Midwest as well as the entire United States and international markets for over 20 years in language services. We provide English as a Second Language instruction in a small, friendly environment. Conversa is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is five hours south of Chicago by car or bus, and 12 hours west of New York City by car. Conversa is “Helping the World Communicate”.

Gerry Thiemann, Company Director

Gerry Thiemann Gerry founded Conversa in 1989, with his wife, Carmen. He has an M.S. in Economics from Oregon State University and served in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. He is completely accessible to all employees, clients, students and customers, and encourages open communication. He is in charge of the administration of Conversa and helps students with housing, whether it is to help them find an apartment to rent or a room in an international student house. Feel free to contact him directly at [email protected], or 513-651-5679.

Stacy Buschhaus, Assistant Director

Stacy BuschhausStacy has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hanover College. She was a Fulbright English Teacher working in Germany instructing students in vocational and high schools. Her excellent teaching and administrative skills at Conversa have promoted her to Assistant Director. Contact Stacy at [email protected] to apply or for any questions you have about our classes.

Linda Geisselbrecht, English Instructor

Linda GeisselbrechtLinda has a wealth of experience in teaching, including teaching German to Americans at Northern Kentucky University. After getting her BS at Northeastern University in Boston, she worked for international companies and is an active political volunteer. She was a magistrate and has performed many weddings in Northern Kentucky. She would love to teach you at Conversa.

Neti Gupta, English Instructor

Neti GuptaNeti holds a Bacherlor’s degree from Ohio University in Global Studies and Political Science. She served in Namibia for the Peace Corps teaching and designing curricula. Neti has boundless energy using it to volunteer in many organizations. Her plan is to get a Master’s degree in Educational Policy. Come to Conversa and see how her energy will fuel your passion to learn English!

Lauren Carver, Accountant

Lauren Carver Lauren has a B.S. in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. She is responsible for accounting and payroll for Conversa. Lauren’s presence brings sunshine to our office. You can contact her at 513-651-5679, or [email protected]

Jim Karwisch, English Instructor, Academic Coordinator

Jim KARWISHJim has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Cincinnati. He taught English as Second language in Chinese high schools for five years. Jim brings his sense of humor to the classroom and keeps the class interesting with his warm, friendly personality. You’ll learn English and get a unique perspective on American culture at Conversa with Jim as your teacher.

Lisa White, English Instructor

LisaLisa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in English from the University of Rochester. She has been tutoring Korean students in English since 2010 and was a TOEFL instructor for Kaplan for 6 years. Lisa brings a high level of energy and a wealth of experience to her classroom. You’ll learn English quickly with Lisa’s personal, friendly teaching style guiding you.

George Sehi

LisaGeorge was a founding member of Conversa’s Board of Advisors. He came from Iran to study English in the United States and went on to earn a Bachelors in Civil Engineering, M.S. in Thermal & Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D. in Academic Administration. His experience includes being a professor and Dean at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio and he founded Women Walking West, a foundation dedicated to assisting women form other countries in the United States further their educational and professional careers. George is both a valuable resource to Conversa and to the Greater Cincinnati community.

Iten Elyassaki

ItenIten is a member of Conversa’s Board of Advisors. She is the International Coordinator at Children’s Hospital. She helps international patients and their families have a comfortable and successful stay at the hospital by providing them with orientation, collaborates with doctors and nurses working with the patients. She also attends to patients’ cultural, religious and personal needs while at the hospital. Her board membership helps Conversa better serve the local international population.


JoyJoy has a BA and Ma from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. as well as a CELTA certificate from the Teaching House. She has extensive experience in Museum Education, Administration and Accreditation. Joy brings warmth and friendliness to her classroom. See how quickly you’ll learn English with Joy as your teacher.

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