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Reading & Writing Class

Improve your Reading and Writing  Skills

Writing in American English is difficult for most students.  Academic and Business writing is much different in the United States.  Our teachers will help you learn to write good paragraphs and compositions.  With class sizes averaging 5 students, your teacher will help you individually.  Reading topics help you with the writing assignments and exercises.   6 hours of class time per week.  A new session starts every month and last 4 weeks.

Course Overview:

The Reading & Writing class is designed to improve students’ ability to read and write in English. The course focuses on the development of critical thinking skills and academic skills related to reading and writing. The class introduces a variety of authentic sources from different genres that the students will work with to improve their skills and expand their vocabulary.

Course Objectives:

The course objective is to improve students’ ability to read and write in English as well as to develop academic skills that will help promote continuous learning. Learning objectives will be evaluated through reading comprehension assignments, writing assignments, and tests covering all reading and writing skills covered that session.

Reading & Writing Class:

  • Study Monday to Thursday, 12:40 pm – 1:55 pm, Test on Friday from 9 am to 10:30 am.
  • Learn to write proper sentences, paragraphs and compositions.
  • Learn skills such as making an outline to write better papers.
  • Practice proofreading your own writing to improve style and make less mistakes.
  • Increase your reading comprehension skills for better understanding and speed.


NorthStar, published by Pearson

  • Builds critical thinking skills to use prior knowledge, classify  and evaluate information, and more.
  • Learn how to predict reasons, identify main ideas and interpret readings.
  • Learn how to organize your writings, create topic sentences, write effective introductions & conclusions.
  • Reading topics are on work, money, art & entertainment, education and life in general.

A Conversation Book, published by Pearson

  • Topics include Daily Life, Foods, Friends, School, Work, Medicine, Transportation and Work.
  • Teaches stategies like Compare and Contrast, Participate in Discussions, Make Presentations.
  • has drawings that help you understand the topics and learn vocabulary.
  • uses vocabulary lists for new topics and help you remember and prepare for tests.


Price for 4 week class

  • $385 for classes
  • $20 academic fees: includes computer lab, book rental, writing materials, wifi.
  • $50 book deposit per book

Conversa Language Center is in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, a fun and exciting city of over 2 million people! To learn more about learning English in Cincinnati, click here. To apply, download our and send it via email or fax or use Conversa’s online application.

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3 Sessions = 12 Weeks

Conversa’s Social Media Scholarship

Want to learn English and live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for FREE? Conversa Language Center is offering a Social Media Scholarship for FREE English courses to students from around the world! To learn more about the scholarship, click SCHOLARSHIP.

Partner Universities – No TOEFL Needed

If you have trouble passing the TOEFL test, we can help. Conversa has agreements with Universities who accept Conversa graduates without a TOEFL score. Please see our list of Universities for more information.

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One Session = 4 weeks. Study for just one session, or many! Conversa has 5 levels: Beginning to Advanced. Each level takes 3 sessions (12 weeks) to complete. It takes a total of 15 sessions (60 weeks) to go from Low Beginner to Advanced. You can start any session or month of the year. For more information on enrollment dates, please see Conversa 2015 Schedule and Enrollment Dates below. You will take a level placement test during the orientation before you start classes.

Level Learning Objectives

The following Learning Objectives are the skills that students will have upon the completion of the level:

Learning ObjectivesLevel 1 Low BeginningLevel 2 High BeginningLevel 3 Low IntermediateLevel 4 High IntermediateLevel 5 Advanced
GrammarSimple Present, Simple Past, Present Continuous, and ImperativePast Continuous and Simple FuturePresent Perfect, Subjunctive in Conditional Sentences, Present Perfect Continuous, Simple Past PassiveSimple Present Passive, Passive of Modal Verbs, Past Perfect, Passive of Present Continuous, Passive of Present Perfect, Future Continuous, Future PerfectSimple vs. Past Continuous, Active vs. Passive, Perfect vs Non-Perfect, Passive Constructions
ReadingIdentify main ideas and details, read charts and advertisments, correcting false informationRead email and newspapers, predict specific information, identify opinions, advantages and disadvantages,Understand texts that consist of high-frequency, every day, or job. related language.Understand descriptions of events, feelings and wishes in personal letters. Understanding texts that consist of high-frequency, every day, or job. related language.Understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning
SpeakingEveryday expressions, asking for help, making and answering questionsMake conversations, respond to stories and offers, checking informationDescribe experiences and ambitions, give explanations and opinionsNarrate a story or plot, give encouraging advice, share views, connect ideas in logical order to describe events and plansInteract with native speakers in a fluent and spontaneous manner, present clear descriptions on a wide range of topics
WritingWrite simple sentences, organizing reasons in order, simple letter writing.Make outlines & topic sentences, compare ideas, descriptive paragraphs, business memos, persuasive lettersWrite letters describing experiences and impressions, connect topics, categorizing ideas.Academic paragraph format topics, descriptive and persuasive essays, conjunctions and transitional expressionsWrite clear, detailed text on a wide-range of subjects. Write logical, academic essays showing cause and effect or compare and contrast, advantage-disadvantage
Expected TOEFL score after completing levelMinimum score of 8 on Speaking sectionMinimum score of 13 in Speaking and 11 in Writing sectionsScore between 30 and 56 on TOEFL iBTScore between 57 and 82 on TOEFL iBTScore between 75 and 90 on TOEFL iBT
Expected language skills and TOEFL scores compiled from Touchstone/Headway CEFR guides provided by Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.To apply, download the and send it via email or fax or use Conversa’s online application.

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HoursMonday to ThursdayFriday
Integrated English Skills
Standardized English Test Preparation
9-10:30 am

10:30-11 am
11 am-12:30 pm

Session & Level Start Dates

F-1 Visa Students: must take all 24 hours of classes. This includes the Integrated ESL Skills Class, the Reading & Writing class, and the Conversation & Pronunciation class.

Non F-1 Visa Students: choose which courses you wish to study – Integrated ESL Skills class, Conversation & Pronunciation class, and/or Reading & Writing classes.

Conversa’s Vacation Schedule: Conversa has a total of 4 weeks of vacation every year.

To apply, download the and send it via email or fax or use Conversa’s online application.


You can start any session (or month). A session is 4 weeks long. You can study for as little as one session or take all 15 sessions (60 weeks) to go from Low Beginner to Advanced.


Conversa has 5 levels from beginning to advanced. Each level is 3 sessions (12 weeks). These are the level start dates. However, if you cannot begin at the start of a level, you can start any session or month.

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