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Language Classes

Conversa’s private foreign language classes flexible to meet your needs, goals, schedule and budget. Our conversational teaching method is effective whether you are in a Paris supermarket, checking into a Mexico City hotel, or introducing yourself at an Osaka business meeting. A grammatical lesson plan for each foreign language class provides structure to the conversational method.

Conversa offers  language classes to learn how to speak Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and many other languages.

Proven Teaching Method – Situational Reinforcement

Conversa’s Situational Reinforcement Method (SRM) of teaching a foreign language is simple but effective. SRM, which is used by the U.S. Foreign Service and Peace Corps, can be summed up as follows:

  1. The instructor uses visual aids, gestures, and words already learned to communicate the meaning of new nouns, verbs, and tenses in language lessons.
  2. Each student says the word or phrase, with the instructor correcting for meaning and pronunciation during the language lesson.
  3. Students practice the newly learned language material with each other around the table, with the instructor monitoring their interaction. In the case of private classes, students practice with the instructor.

At Conversa, we know you only have a few hours a week in the language class. So we conduct as much of the language lesson as possible in the target language. When you leave each class, you will feel great satisfaction having spoken in your new language!

Qualified Instructors

Conversa’s instructors are experienced, well-educated professionals who love to teach. They are all trained in Conversa’s unique conversational method. Many have experience teaching in universities and in foreign countries.

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