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Intensive English Program for Professionals

Conversa uses a modern method of instruction called Situational Reinforcement which the United States’ government uses to teach diplomats and employees foreign languages.  We select textbooks from major publishers like Longman, Regents and Cambridge that meet the particular needs of each student, such as improving grammar or focusing on English for engineering or business. Each student is given a placement test at the beginning of the program to determine their level of English. Conversa asks the student what their professional or academic goals are. This helps us to design the best program for each student.

Our teachers are professional, university educated instructors trained in the methodology of Conversa. They have the skills to make constant adjustments to the program to ensure that each student learns quickly and reaches their goals.

Class schedules are flexible, but many students take three to seven hours of classes daily, Monday through Friday, and five hours on Saturdays with a lunch break. Students also have the option of eating lunch with their teacher at a restaurant; however, the majority of students eat lunch at Conversa with other students and teachers and enjoy casual conversation in English. Classes may begin any week.

For cost information, visit (Prices for Professionals).

To apply, download the application form and send it via email or fax. Or use Conversa’s online application.

Conversa is in the middle of Cincinnati.


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