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Integrated English Classes

Learn Conversation, Reading, Listening and Writing Skills plus Grammar

This class has everything you need to improve your English.  Each week covers a different topic. Each day teaches a different skill. In small classes, you will learn and practice these skills with your teacher and classmates. Integrated includes 14 hours of class time per week. A new session starts every month and lasts 4 weeks.

Course Objectives:

This class improves students’ ability to communicate by developing their reading, speaking, writing, listening skills and grammar. Grammar and vocabulary taught in earlier lessons will be reviewed and applied in later units. This process of building and repeating structures and vocabulary builds a strong command of the language.

  • Monday & Tuesday lessons cover new Grammar and introduces new vocabulary in listening and speaking exercises.
  • Wednesday’s lesson re-enforces the grammar you learned with speaking strategies.
  • Thursday’s lesson improve your reading and writing skills using the new grammar and vocabulary.
  • Friday’s lesson includes an assessment to show the progress you have made that week.
  • See Conversa’s Schedule for more information on class times.

To apply, please use Conversa’s online application for students needing a F-1 student visa , or use Conversa’s regular online application if you do not need a visa.

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