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It had been 5 years since Beebee went on vacation. Everyday she went to work. She did her work. Then, she went home.


Beebee worked hard every day, so she is looking forward to going on vacation.

Beebee worked long hours in a factory. And the factory wasn’t even fun- like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or a factory where they make tiny clothes for dolls. It was just a regular old factory with dirty windows, flickering lights and bored factory workers.

So, after 5 years of going to work, doing her work, and going home, Beebee was really, really, really looking forward to going on vacation.

Every 5 years the workers were allowed to choose from 3 places where they could spend their week’s vacation. When it was her time, Beebee’s boss said, “Beebee, because you have worked so diligently, you may choose from our 3 best vacation resorts- The Hotel Oil Sands of the North, A Wicker Cottage in the Burning Forest, or The Arctic Ice Chalet.”


The Hotel Oil Sands boasted fantastic sunsets.


You could always count on the showers having hot water at a cottage in the Burning Forest.


The Ice Chalet was very private.

After thinking it over for many nights, Beebee finally settled on taking her vacation in the Hotel Oil Sands. “Excellent choice Beebee,” her boss gurgled greasily. So then, Beebee, after five long years, waved goodbye to her work, boarded a train, and had a great time with many other workers on vacation. Now, every five years, Beebee knows she can count on having a great time at the Hotel Oil Sands.

The end.

Green peace oily people

Beebee can always count on having a great time at the Hotel Oil Sands.



The grammar on this page is a review from last week. The topic is INSEPARABLE PHRASAL VERBS. <-click here for grammar review.


look forward to (something) = to be excited about something; to anticipate something

settled on (something) = to decide after some time; to choose something usually after thinking about different options.

count on  (something) = to rely on


How about you?

What are you looking forward to?

What was a time that you settled on something?

What is something that you can count on in your life?

Write you answers in SPEAK YOUR MIND below:

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