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Ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? If you want to study English, you want to study the smart way, not the hard way.

One way to study English (or any language) smarter is by learning the “right” English vocabulary first. What are the “right” English words? They are the most commonly used words – the words we use the most!

Why is this a smart way to study? Because of something called the “80-20 Rule”. This rule says that about 20% of the causes make 80% of the effects. For language learning, 20% of the effort you use learning new vocabulary could give you 80% understanding in the language. For example, in English, only 300 words make 65% of all written material, like newspapers, books, and this blog post!

Knowing the most commonly used words in English or any language will help a lot with conversation, tests, writing, and more. You can see the top 300 English words here!

Remember – study smarter, not harder! Go to Conversa Language Center to study smarter with other English language learners.


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