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Conversation & Pronunciation Class

Improve your Conversation and Pronunciation Skills

Our small group classes are ideal for improving your conversation and listening skills.  With class sizes averaging 5 students, you have a lot of time to speak in class.  Class topics are interesting and help you learn new vocabulary.  Special pronunciation exercises help you speak words correctly.  And you will learn proper stress and intonation.  4 hours of class time per week.  A new session starts every month and lasts 4 weeks.

Course Objectives:

Students are tested at the end of each week to track their pronunciation and communicative abilities with a test or presentation. Students are expected to demonstrate comprehensibility in individual pronunciation skills taught each week and show good to excellent skills in the areas of communication, grammar, vocabulary, conversation strategy and fluency in their conversation communicative ability.

  • Study 4 hours a week, Monday to Thursday, 2 pm – 3 pm
  • See Conversa’s Schedule for more information on class times.

Beginner Level

Textbooks: Let’s Talk and Pronunciation Pairs, published by Cambridge

    • Talk about everyday topics
    • Learn essential vocabulary.
    • Improve listening comprehension by listening to conversations
    • Improve pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds with fun tongue-twisting exercises and targeted sound practice; learn all elements of pronunciation
    • Practice giving presentations.

Intermediate Level

Textbooks: Real Talk and English Pronunciation Made Simple, published by Pearson

    • Discuss everyday topics
    • Learn academic and everyday vocabulary.
    • Improve listening comprehension by listening to conversations, phone conversations, radio shows, etc.
    • Improve pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds with targeted sound practice and fun games and tongue twisters; practice word stress and intonation
    • Practice giving presentations.

Advanced Level

Textbooks: Skills for Success Listening & Speaking 5 from Oxford and English Pronunciation Made Simple, from Pearson

    • Discuss academic topics
    • Learn academic & technical vocabulary, as well vocabulary that can be used in everyday conversation
    • Improve pronunciation with targeted sound practice and exercises
    • Improve listening comprehension by listening to conversations, lectures, and radio shows.
    • Practice giving presentations.

Price for 4 week class

  • $245 for classes
  • $20 academic fees: includes computer lab, book rental, writing materials, wifi.
  • $50 book deposit per book

Conversa Language Center is in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, a fun and exciting city of over 2 million people! Learn more about learning English in Cincinnati. To apply, please use Conversa’s online application for students needing a F-1 student visa , or use Conversa’s regular online application if you do not need a visa.

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3 Sessions = 12 Weeks

Partner Universities – No TOEFL Needed

If you have trouble passing the TOEFL test, we can help. Conversa has agreements with Universities who accept Conversa graduates without a TOEFL score. Please see our list of Universities for more information.

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