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Conversa Language Center Pricing

English Courses

Class size averages 5 students (maximum 10). This makes Conversa  a good value.  You will learn English fast!

Free Housing

For a limited time while space is available, register for classes in June and July of 2019 and get one to two months of free rent in the International Student Manor.

2020 Promotions

We are now offering promotional pricing. If you are from certain regions or countries you may qualify. Download the Promotions for Sub-Saharan Promotions or the War-torn Countries Promotions or the Latin American Promotions or the Religious Promotions.

Course NameClassroom HoursPrice per Session (4 weeks)
Integrated ESL Skills class
Academic Fee
14 hours per week$725
Conversation & Pronunciation
Academic Fee
4 hours per week$245
Standardized English Test Preparation
Academic Fee
14 hours per week$825
Reading & Writing class
Academic Fee
6 hours per week$385
Book Deposit1st session only$50 per book

Express English Program – 6 hours per week

Course Name Classroom HoursPrice per Session
Express English Program 6 per week$375
Academic Fee$35
Book DepositFirst Session Only$100
** You only pay the book deposit one time. The deposit is refunded to you when you return the books back to Conversa.


Intensive English Program – 24 hours per week

1 session (4 weeks)3+ sessions*
Price$1,285 $985 (each session)
Academic Fee$58$58
Cost per Session$1,343$1043
** Book Deposit $250$250
* Must pay for 3 sessions(12 weeks) in one payment for Conversa’s inexpensive (cheap) English classes. ** You only pay the book deposit one time. The deposit is refunded to you when you return the books back to Conversa.


Semi-Intensive English Program – 20 hours per week

Course Name Classroom HoursPrice per Session
Semi-Intensive English Program 20 per week$1,085
Academic Fee$49
Book DepositFirst Session Only$200
** You only pay the book deposit one time. The deposit is refunded to you when you return the books back to Conversa.


One month of FREE rent for new students

While space is available, Conversa Properties is offering a month of free rent to any student who enrolls for the first time in Conversa Language Center’s English program.  The houses are located in Clifton, near the university of Cincinnati and are a 15-minute bus ride to Conversa, located in Downtown Cincinnati.  Free housing is subject to availability. Contact Conversa at [email protected]

Refund Policy

If you decide not to come to Conversa after you have paid, or you decide to leave Conversa while you are enrolled, you may be able to receive a refund. 

Payment Procedure: If you wish to pay for the application fee or for your classes in your country, go to
at no cost. Once at Conversa, payment may be made by cash, traveler’s check. We also accept credit cards but there is a 4% service charge added to the total. You can also pay with a bank wire, please contact us so we can send you the bank account information.


There are many housing options in Cincinnati. They include renting your own apartment or sharing a house with other students or local Americans. You can rent a room in one of the International Student Houses. For more information, contact us.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is optional. You may be able to purchase it in your country or you may use www.hginsurance.com or www.isoa.org. Conversa does not assume responsibility for any injury or accident which may arise in connection with student activities whether connected with classes, housing or otherwise.

To apply, please use Conversa’s online application for students needing a F-1 student visa , or use Conversa’s regular online application if you do not need a visa.



Study & Save Money!

Save $900 when you pay for 3 Intensive English Program sessions (12 weeks)!

Application Fee

$50 for most courses, $100 for F-1, $200 for Change of Status. The fee is non-refundable, due with submission of application documents.

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