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Climate change has been in the news all over the world.  At Conversa we have noticed it too.  Yesterday, November 29, it was 18 degrees celcius when normal temperatures are around 8 celcius.  Winters are milder in Cincinnati now but we still get snow a couple times in December with more falling in January and February.  Our students think it is beautiful, but don’t like walking to the bus stop in the white, slippery snow.  The best way to love winter is to embrace it.  Go outside and ice skate, ski or make a snowman.  Once you do this, you will wish winter lasts a long time.  There is an ice skating rink only a 10 minute walk from Conversa.  For $5 you can enjoy this wonderful activity.  Best of all, it is open now even though it is warm outside.  Come and visit Cincinnati, learn some English and enjoy the winter!

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