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Today is the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. It will be a busy day. At 8:30 he will attend a church service followed by a Tea Reception at the White House hosted by Michelle and President Obama. Vice President Mike Pence and his family will be in attendance. Afterwards Trump will go to the US Capital for a swearing in ceremony that will take place around noon. Their families, the Obamas, members of Congress and the US Supreme Court Justices will be among the attendees. There will be an inaugural parade outside the Whitehouse at 3. Then at night there will be many formal balls (dances) that the President and Vice President and their families will attend, including the Liberty, Military and Freedom Balls.
Some Americans are not happy with the new President. There will be a protest rally in Washington by women tomorrow, Saturday. Will Hillary Clinton attend the Inauguration festivities today or will she attend the protest rally tomorrow?

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