I remember many years ago, when  I came to America, with no English at all, just a few words as “hello” and “my name is”, I had more words in French than in the language that I was about to embrace for ever,   being Spanish my first language,  I could not have imagined that one day, I will be speaking -and writing -in all these foreign sounds, but life is unpredictable, and we really never know what are we going to end up doing a year from now, or a few months from now.  I came to America in 1985, cell phones did not exist, at least I did not know about any in my life; computers were so big, you could not carry one of those around with you, internet was….what was that? not sure if I even knew that word; and I just got to a new life, with no knowledge of this language called English, and no technology around me, I woke up one day,  and I was out of my surroundings.  I had to learn to survive, there was not even the good friend  google to help me out.

Now you can study any language from the confort of your home, thanks to our friend the internet, you can also reach out to other friends such as Google,  and ask for help, you can carry your cell phone, that is not just a phone, is a computer, a camera, a calculator, a T.V., a tape recorder, it also takes you around any where you need to go,  but the most amazing is, that now you don’t need to even get out of your house to learn a new language, and not spend money in transportation, and parking.  You can study from any where in the world , no need to travel to the USA.   CONVERSA  can design a class just for you if you like to study one at one with a teacher.  You can also be part of a small group and study for a period of 4, 6, 8 or more weeks and study and learn with a live Video and all your friends around you helping all the way.  So nice!  so this is Your Time! go for and enroll in on line classes, CONVERSA IS HERE FOR YOU!!!

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