Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream the same dream more than once a week? once a month? what do you think your dreams are telling you?

What do you remember? colors? people, places?

I dream about my mama, and my husband, not much about my brother and dad, but they also come to my dreams too, and we play, eat, and go to a big park. There is a place with so many flowers, and they like to fly, around and around, they sometimes recognize me, and some other times they don’t, they some times don’t want me in their place, and they tell me to leave. I get sad and cry. Some other times they talk to me and show me their place, so bright, so many colors, then… I get back to my house, to see other people that still are in a planet called Earth. Earth is fun too, I like the rain, and the green trees and lakes, the ocean is fun too, but too big and I don’t know how to swim, but I like to see the ocean, and the waves coming and going, the sound the waves make I love. I like to walk on the sand, I also like to run on a big open beach, and play ball. I don’t have dreams of the ocean often; my dreams are more about big parks, with lot of trees. I also dream about school, I like my school, and my friends. I help them with homework, and my teachers are nice, they say I am a big helper, but sometimes I get lost and I can’t find my classroom, I walk and walk around the school and I can’t find my classroom, then I see a big door and I remember that, it is my classroom, then I come back to a planet called Earth. I really like my dreams, especially the ones with my mama, she is so beautiful, young and she loves to hag me when she sees me, I always give her a big kiss when I see her in my dreams. I love my mama. She always took me to school, and after school she played with me and, then she made a delicious dinner. I love my dreams with my mama.


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