10 Steps to be successful

Success stories

  • Know what you really want to achieve
  • Set date lines to achieve what you want
  • Set clear goals
  • Have a schedule to follow
  • Be consistent
  • Have a passion for what you want
  • Be patient
  • Focus on what you want; don’t get distracted
  • Organize your time wisely
  • Go for it!

Students come to Conversa Language Center from all over the world to make their dreams possible. Conversa Language Center commitment is with each of those dreams. At the end of their course of study they celebrate their success as we do. Many of them enter Universities in the USA to continue their high education; others, achieve high pay jobs in their countries by having new skills to offer and compite. They come to learn not only a new language but a new culture. After been in the USA, studying at Conversa Language Center, they achieve confidence and fluency in the their new language.

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