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Pay for one session, get one session free. This offer is good for up to 3 months of free English classes! Use them yourself or share them with a friend. APPLY NOW! Application deadline is April 30. *May not be combined with any other offer*






Small Groups • Friendly Teachers • Learn Faster

You will learn English quickly in our small classes with friendly teachers. Classes have an average of 5 students with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 10. You get personal attention from your teacher and will have a lot of opportunity to speak English to your other classmates and teacher. A computer lab is available with Internet access. We have a student lounge with cable TV and video games.


The Course

The Intensive Group English course consists of 21 hours per week of instruction and is comprised of three classes: Integrated ESL Skills class, Conversation & Pronunciation class and Reading & Writing class.


Class Descriptions

Integrated English Skills:
A corpus based class meaning this class is designed to improve your English proficiency in everyday communication in American English. Each unit revolves around one topic or theme and combines grammar, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation and conversation. Vocabulary is reinforced throughout the lessons. (14 hours/week)

Conversation and Pronunciation:
A class devoted solely to conversation and pronunciation skills, which include themes and subject matter commonly encountered in everyday English and language used on university campuses. This class covers all aspects of pronunciation: sounds, stress, rhythm and intonation. (4 hours/week)

Reading & Writing Class:
A reading and writing skills class which builds academic skills necessary to communicate with and understand written communication within the context of everyday American society, as well as build skills necessary to succeed in a university. (3 hours/week).


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